Thali, Manchester

14th July 2014 | Written by 4mation | Categories : Retail
Thali, Manchester

After a few years of Swadesh opening in Manchester, our client notice the numbers of people walking in front of the restaurant during the day, office workers on lunch etc. and realised there was potential for a fast food outlet, offering a variety of Indian dishes, cakes, coffee etc. where they could eat in or simply obtain a takeout.

His decision was to utilise the function room part of the main restaurant, separating it completely except for a new door through to the restaurant toilets and a new door to make use of the existing kitchen.

Forming an entranced with raised pavement access of the main high street and offering his customers with a new concept.

We have recently obtained Planning approval and currently going through the tender process with a view to commencing works in September and completing at the end of October – watch this space.