New Build Dwelling, Cleckheaton

1st July 2014 | Written by 4mation | Categories : Residential
New Build Dwelling, Cleckheaton

The brief was for a 5 bed, 3000sqft contemporary dwelling :

1. Form / orientation was derived from site topography / location, maximising natural day lighting and solar heat gain.

2. Elevations finished with a white natural textured render to give a lightweight appearance, blending into the landscape.

3. Landscape was integral to design w/ decking continuing into the dwelling to diminish the boundary between inside an out.

4. As well as using the sites topography as part of the design, minimizing site work, and maximizing opportunities to benefit from natural day lighting and solar heat gain it is proposed the design will also incorporate sustainable systems such as rain water harvesting and ground source heat pumps to further reduce the buildings energy consumption.

The proposal has achieved planning permission and is awaiting to progress further.